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Eagle Alfred 

knowledge of human nature


Aichinger Wolfram 

Senses and experiences in history


Almaas AH 

Diamond Heart, Book one, Element of the real

in man


Aries Philippe 

Story of Death 


Bahr Hans-Dieter 

think death


Baker Robin 

Sperm War


Barthes Roland 

Fragments of a language of love


Basel Marja 

The turd factory


Bettelheim Bruno 

Children need fairy tales


Biel Andrew 

Trail Guide Movement and Biomechanics


Biel Andrew 

Trail guide anatomy


Blaffer Hrdy Sarah 

Mother Nature. The feminine side of evolution



the power of living the present

Campell Joseph 

The hero in a thousand forms



Textbook Psycho-Physiognomy



Chatwin Bruce



Chatwin Bruce

the black mountain


Chatwin Bruce 



Cross-Müller Claudia 

small survival books


Darwin Charles

The Origin of Species


Dershowitz Alan M 

The emergence of law and order

murder and manslaughter


Diamond Jared 

Poor and rich, the destinies of human societies


Diamond Jared 

The Third Chimpanzee. Evolution and future of man


Fallgraben Uwe 

Psychology of self-assurance



anatomical picture dictionary

Frans de Waal

The monkey in us

Fukuyama Francis 

The end of man


Gaschke Susanne 

The sold childhood

Geyer Christian Ed.

Brain research and free will

Gladwell Malcolm 

tipping point


Godard Dolphins,…

Hatschi, Pups and Ouch, The Big Book

of body sensations


Gössing Helmuth 

witchcraft and witch hunts

Grinberg Avi 

Foot Analysis


Han Byung-Chul 

scent of time

Harari Yuval 

Homo Deus


Henderson Julie 

Hum book


Henderson Julie 

Embodying Well Being


Hyam's Joe

The way of the empty hand


Ingham Eunice 

Stories told by the feet

Johanson Donald C. 

Lucy and her children. - 


John Keegan

The culture of war

Young CG 

Man and his symbols

Jung, Kerenyi, Radin

The divine rogue

an Indian myth cycle

Klemperer Viktor 


Kling Marc-Uwe, Henn Astrid

The Nohorn


Kolk Bessel van der

Embodied Pinto

Krauss Heinrich 

The angel

Kuhn Peter, Henke Lisa 

Dragon and Tiger, Martial Arts Stories

for children



the Infinity

Lehnert Schroth

Three-dimensional scoliosis treatment Schroth

Levine Peter

language without words

Levine Peter 

trauma and memory

Levine Peter 

Release from trauma

healing trauma


Liessmann KP Ed.

In the smoke of the senses

Left Detlef B.

art and brain

the conquest of the invisible


Left Detlef B. 

Religion as risk, spirit, belief and brain


Left Detlef B. 

The freedom and the brain

a Europhilosophical ethics


Lorenz Konrad 

The dismantling of the human


marc lewis

Memories of an Addicted Brain


Marks Laura 

touch, sensors theory and multisensory media



Reflexology work on the foot

Martin Wednesday 



Mate Gabor

scattered minds

Mate Gabor 

When the body says no

exploring the stress-disease connection 

Nicest HC Agrippa von 

Of nobility and supremacy of the female sex

Neufeld Gordon, Gabor Mate

Our children need us

Ohler Norbert 

Dying and Death in the Middle Ages

Paasch Daniel 

develop potential

Popper Karl R. 

All life is problem solver

Precht Richard David 

Who am I, and if so, how many

Prussian Ottfried

Stupid Augustine

Rieger Berndt

thyroid massage


Rosenberg Stanley 

The self-healing nerve

Safranski Rüdiger 


Safranski Rüdiger 




Ship Sonja 

10 things I learned about old people

life learned, 

Insights of a geriatric nurse

Publication series Forum Volume 7



Sendak Maurice 

Where the wild things live

Serres Michel 

The five senses

Servan scribe David 

The new medicine of emotions

Sloterdijk Peter 

The Magic Tree - The emergence of psychoanalysis in 1785

Sharper Manfred 

brain entertainment

Sharper Manfred 

Digital dementia

Sharper Manfred 

To learn. Brain research and school

of life


psoas workout

Taussig Michael 

mimesis and alterity

Unamuno Miguel de

San Manuel the Good 

Verbeek Reinier 

Aggression and de-escalation to the limit

Waechter Friedrich Karl 

We can still do a lot together

Wagnermaier Silvia Roller Nils

Absolute Vilem Flusser


Watzlawick Paul 

How real is reality

Weber Peter 

The domesticated monkey

Wojcicki Esther 

Panda mom


Yanagihara Hanya

A little life

Zwanzger Peter Ed.


Branch Stefan 

The world of yesterday

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