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Overview of the complaints I deal with regularly:

  • general chronic pain​ and inflammation

  • Anxiety, emotional imbalance (ADHD,.. children and adults)

  • Restrictions in the mobility of the supporting and musculoskeletal system

  • neck and shoulder problems

  • menstrual cramps, endometriosis

  • States of exhaustion, burnout, inner restlessness, concentration, decision-making problems

  • relationship problems

  • trauma work

  • Tension headache, migraine

  • chronic cold, susceptibility to infection

  • chronic indigestion

  • skin problems

  • Recovery   after injuries, scars

  • longcovid

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support I can offer you


deal with physical and psychological pain and emotions

Self-Regulation Techniques

  • Making "friends" with fear and pain

  • To experience security within yourself   to want to trust what you want

  • Set boundaries, have your space

  • Express emotions in many ways

  • notice your behavioral patterns

  • Make decisions freely involving your whole body

  • the wisdom in trauma, accept what happened to you and recognize what "is"

  • about the possibilities that lie within you

  • the freedom to react differently

  • Authenticity, what do I want, who am I 

  • to grow beyond yourself and to use your resources properly

  • Creating useful routines is another form of discipline



  • Patterns that hold you captive

  • to suppress your emotions

  • behavior directed against you

  • the present drama of the past trauma

  • Compensate for unnoticed areas with your strengths

  • hindering beliefs

  • having to be someone else

  • bad routines and belief-ridden discipline

Bodywork according to the Grinberg Method is not a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment.

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